Terms of use

video-takeaway.com is a website that can be used for downloading videos (with or without converting to other formats) from various websites like youtube.com, facebook.com, vk.com, etc.

We respect the content owners’ intellectual property rights and want to specifically point that:
  • videos that can be downloaded here are not stored on our servers
  • we are not responsible for video content or its usage
  • you may download any publicaly available videos for your personal (noncommercial) use only
  • you should not distribute video/audio content without author’s agreement
  • we will block access to a video if author asks us about it
  • by using video-takeaway.com you certify that you agree to these points and take responsibility for any copyright infringing activities

Copyright notice

If you’re a content creator/owner, copyright owner or an agent thereof and would like to disable the possible use of video-takeaway.com to convert your publicly available content, please kindly send us a request to contact@video-takeaway.com with the URL that you want blacklisted and an evidence showing that you have the rights to the content. In this case we will promptly blacklist the content in our system.

Privacy policy

We do not collect information about our users. That’s it :)

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